Dear fellow comedians, as we are approaching important milestones and growing we are going to be refreshing all our promotional activities as well as website to reflect latest achievements.

We want to do this so that we can promote you and events in the best way possible and book right people on the right nights with sleek and consistent processes.

Please revisit your profiles and make sure they are complete and you are marketing yourself in the best way you can.

We would love to have a fuller listing of our regular performers on our website, those that consistently perform well and delight audiences and obviously give them repeat stage time. We would like to open this to as many as possible and allow them to grow professionally but require your help.

Actions to take:
  • 1) include a good headshot (or alternatively a fun avatar or cartoon image so that the field isn’t blank and we can use it in digital posters
  • 2) include your social media plug ins so which may facilitate growth of your followers
  • 3) short bio
  • 4) hyperlink to at least one set that you choose to share as public.
  • 5) approximate number of gigs (less than 100, 200-800, over 800)

We hope you understand that this is not too much to ask. On many other forms you are expected to do the same and send in long emails to answer all requirements before you are booked. This way you do it once and it can be used for the whole year plus we are confident that you are committed to your professional growth as a performer.

We can only include those profiles that are complete on our social media and website where specific permission has been given either by email, messenger,…This way you are completely in charge of your data.

Profile that do not contain this minimum information will not receive as many bookings as they potentially could. We have consolidated a lot of learning throughout these months (and individually have years of experience of organising and running events to know what is an absolute minimum).

Should you require any help please, from now on email [email protected].

We thank you for your cooperation.

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