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Jan 20, 2023
Eduardo Jackson

Reckless Comedy 20/1/2023

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Nov 05, 2022
Eduardo Jackson

Such a good night at quintessential comedy last night. New joke went down a treat

Image for post 544 posted by Eduardo Jackson on Nov 05, 2022

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Sep 21, 2022
Eduardo Jackson

Looking for a bringer for quintessential comedy tomorrow night. Thanks In advance

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Jun 09, 2022
Eduardo Jackson

Such a good night at the ping pong club last night with the amazing Kat kasisopa. Got a ping pong ball thrown at me for overrunning 😂😂😂

Image for post 156 posted by Eduardo Jackson on Jun 09, 2022

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Apr 13, 2022
Eduardo Jackson

My comedy debut back in 15th December at the admirals arms with Mr Lepus Comedy

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I have spent 4/5 years seeing different comedians at my mums comedy club and always watched comedians on tv. I wrote some jokes in lockdown and showed them to my friend and he offered me a gig and I’ve been doing it ever since and love every minute of it. Only done 5-7 minute sets so far


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